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• Pictures •

  • Billboard

    Billboard at the Restaurant - Cary is among the celebrities

  • Cary and Joyce Cessna

    Joyce and Cary Trantham posing with the Cessna at Key West International - 1990

  • keys

    A view of the keys from above

  • Cary Cessna 172

    Cary Trantham personal Cessna 172 bought after the BTS flight

  • Piper Warrior

    Piper Warrior

  • Ormond Beach Municipal Airport

    Ormond Beach Municipal Airport - my flight starting point

  • Piper Warrior

    Piper Warrior

  • Piper Warrior Preflight

    Piper Warrior Preflight

  • This is the piper warrior cockpit similar to what I was flying that night

  • Blackout on Miami Skyline at night

    What I could see of Miami Skyline, during my Bermuda Triangle blackout

  • Miami Skyline at night

    Miami Skyline at night, at the same weather conditions when I was flying